Services provided by Jim

Editorial Services

Jim Casada can offer a wide variety of editorial services that bring meticulous attention to detail as well as knowledge of the subject to the task. In addition to being an experienced, widely published writer, he has an impressive editorial background as well. He can provide a wide variety of editorial services including proofreading, copy editing, manuscript critiques, marketing and publishing advice, ghost writing, book contract evaluation, service as an intermediary in working with printers or layout/design specialists, and more. To discuss the services you might need, phone Jim at 803-329-4354 or contact him through this website.


Over the years, Jim has taken thousands of outdoor photographs. On this page are just a few examples of his work. If you are interested in purchasing any of these images or have a specific request, please contact Jim.

Speaking Engagements

Jim Casada is a “recovering academic.” He has honed his speaking skills as a popular university professor and won numerous teaching awards. Casada bring storytelling skills to the classroom, and that is the approach he has always taken when speaking to groups with outdoor interests.

Book Appraisal Service

As someone who buys and sells books on the outdoors on a regular basis and who has done so for many years, Jim offers a service for anyone who is interested in selling their library, getting it evaluated for tax purposes, making insurance plans, or the like. He can evaluate entire collections or single volumes on a fee basis that will be decided prior to any work Let Jim Help You Find Books You Want Jim Casada has been a bibliophile (that’s a $5 word for “book nut”) all his life. His mother was a small town librarian, and Jim has always been a voracious reader. His personal collection of 8,000+ volumes on hunting, fishing, and the outdoors sometimes threatens marital harmony. As a dedicated book collector, Casada has learned a great deal about the hoops you need to jump through in the search for out-of-print books. If you are looking for a particular book, various books by a particular author, or want some books in a particular subject field, he can help you. Jim will try to locate a copy of the book you want (if he doesn’t have it in stock) and will quote you a price for the book while providing full details on the book’s condition. There’s no obligation on your part other than to say whether or not you want to buy the book at that price.


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