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Each month Jim sends out a newsletter which provides a mixture of nostalgia, reflections on his blessed boyhood growing up in the Great Smokies of North Carolina, shared memories of some special times and characters in his life, musings on the season and seasons past, a few recipes, some information on his books or those of others writing about subjects near and dear to his heart, and much more.

Basically the newsletter is a potpourri of literary outpouring from a fellow who knows just how blessed he was in the place and nature of his raising. There will be some lighthearted humor from time to time; maybe a bit of pining for a world we have to some degree lost; perhaps some practical information for the gardener, hunter, fisherman, or naturalist; but most of all an attempt to share thoughts and insight on things near and dear to Jim. If something in the newsletter brightens your day or lightens your way, let Jim know. Likewise, even though he readily admits to being mule stubborn after the fashion of so many of Scotch-Irish origin who came to make the southern Appalachians their home, Jim isn’t so old a dog that he isn’t interested in new tricks and up to garnering new information.

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