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April 2017
April As I Have Known It

March 2017
The Madness and Magic of March

February 2017
What's a Body to Do in the Depths of Winter?

January 2017
Fading Features of Yesteryear

December 2016
Things to Remember in the Heart of December

November 2016
November as I Have Known and Loved It

October 2016
October Newsletter

September 2016
September's Sweet Song

August 2016
August Musings and Memories

July 2016
July's Enduring Joys

June 2016
June's Enduring Joys

May 2016
May's Enduring Magic

April 2016
Missing Mr. Bob

March 2016
Spring Book Sale and Aunt Mag

February 2016
February and Grandpa Joe

January 2016
The Sheer Joy of Being a Boy

December 2015
Fond December Memories

November 2015
A Time for Looking Back

October 2015
An Ode to October

May 2015
May's Magic

April 2015
Of Turkeys, Fools, and a Magnificent Obsession

March 2015
Mastering March Madness

February 2015
Remembering Grandpa Joe

January 2015
January—A Month For Musing, Mental Meandering, and Remembering

December 2014
December Delights

November 2014
November Newsletter

October 2014
October Was Always The Best

September 2014
Sweet September

August 2014
Ambling Into August

July 2014
July Means Gardening Joys

June 2014
June as I Know and Have Known It

May 2014
A Day—and a Month—For Mothers

April 2014
A Time of Travail I Treasure

March 2014
March Madness — 2014

February 2014, Supplemental
Amidst a Mess of Mollygrubs

February 2014
February Fun (and Frustration)

January 2014, Supplemental
Sidelights on Dreamin’ and Schemin’

January 2014
January Rejuvenation—2014

December 2013, Supplemental
December Delights, Part II

December 2013
December Delights—Then and Now

November 2013, Supplemental
November Nostalgia (and Noshing), Part II

November 2013
November Nostalgia

October 2013
An Ode to October

September 2013, Special Edition
New Book Lists

September 2013
Sweet September

August 2013
August as I Have Known It: Dog Day Doin’s, Then and Now

July 2013
The Sweet of Summer—Watermelon Days

June 2013
June’s Magical Barefoot Days

May 2013
May Musings

April 2013
The Marvelous Misery which is April

March 2013
Memories and Musings on March as I Once Knew It

February 2013
February Figurin'

January (Supplemental) 2013
Special Supplemental January News

January 2013
The Enduring Joys of January

December 2012
Things I Remember About Past Decembers

Special Edition, November 2012
Remembering The Greats: Profiles Of Turkey Hunting’s Old Masters

November 2012
November Nostalgia

Special Edition, October 2012
October—Recent Awards

October 2012
October—A Month of Enduring Wonder

September 2012
September Song—2012

August 2012
August Memories—and More

Special Edition, Late-July 2012
Special Supplemental End of July Newsletter

July 2012
July—hotter than . . . or just the good old summertime?

June 2012
June With All It's Joys

Special Edition, Late-May 2012
The Complete Venison Cookbook: From Field to Table

May 2012
An April to Remember: Misery and Magic

April 2012
April—A Month of Promise, Renewal, and Angst

March 2012
March Memories, Musings, and Meanderings

February 2012
February Figurin'

Special Addendum
to Jan. 2012 Newsletter
Ruminations on the Ravages of Father Time and a New Turkey Call

January 2012
Ramblings, Remembrances, and Resolutions (or lack thereof): A January Miscellany

December 2011
Things I Remember About December

November 2011
The Myriad Joys of November

October 2011
October Was Always Grand

Special Addendum
to Sept. 2011 Newsletter
The Bibliography is Here

September 2011
Sweet September

Special Addendum
to August 2011 Newsletter

August 2011
Ambling Into August

July 2011
Carry Me Back

June 2011
June's Joys

May 2011
May Musings, Meanderings, and Memories

April 2011
Of Black Folks, Good Food, Good Old Days,
and the Telling of Tales

March 2011
March Musings

February 2011
February Figurin'

January 2011
The Enduring Joys of January

Supplemental December 2010
Some Personal News, Tips on a Couple of Interesting Web Sites, and a Note of Heartfelt Thanks

December 2010
A Sack Full of Christmas Gift Suggestions

November 2010
November Nostrums

Special Edition, October 2010
New Book, Some Welcome Recognition, and Something Special for Turkey Hunters

October 2010
The Bittersweetness of October

September 2010
The Sweet of September

August 2010
August: The Start of Putting Up Time

July 2010
In The Good Old Summertime

June 2010
June’s Many Joys—Then And Now

May 2010
May: A Month of Memories, Magic, and Marvels

Special Edition, April 2010
Classic O'Connor, New Book, Now Available!

April 2010
An Ode to April

March 2010
The Madness and Occasional Magic of the Month of March

February 2010
February: Fun, Folly, and Blue Funks

January 2010
January Joys (and Tribulations)

December 2009
December Delights

November 2009
Things I Remember About November—And More

October 2009
October’s Marvelous Mystique

September 2009
Sweet September

Special Edition, August 2009
Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park:
An Insider’s Guide to a Pursuit of Passion

August 2009
August is an Augury

July 2009
July Joys

June 2009
June Joys—Musings, Memories, And Things I Miss

April 2009
Ambling Through April

March 2009
Muddling Through March

February 2009
Dreamin’ and Schemin’

January 2009
January—A Month For Reading

December 2008
December Delights From Days Gone By

November 2008
November Makes Me Mighty Happy

October 2008
Memories of October Magic

September 2008
September’s Splendor

August 2008
Ambling Through August

July 2008
Of Boyhood Julys, Bee Stings, and Bait

June 2008
June Jubilation

May 2008
May Makes Mighty Fine Medicine

April 2008
There Just Ain’t Enough of April

March 2008
Musings on March Madness

February 2008
February Figurin’; or Random Thoughts on a Worrisome Month

January 2008
January Joys

December 2007
Things I Remember . . . From Many A December

November 2007
A Fondness for Firsts

October 2007
Harvest Time Memories

September 2007
September Song, 2007

August 2007
Dog Days Doings

July 2007
The Changing Face of the Outdoor Experience

June 2007
The Joys of June

May 2007
May Memories and May Magic

April 2007
April ushers in a month of sheer magic and a world of warm, wonderful memories. At the top of the list comes fond recollection of opening weekend of trout season camping trips, a sort of full and formal declaration that winter was gone and the annual war against cabin fever had once again been won.

March 2007
March is a fine time for planning and preparing, or as Grandpa Joe used to describe it, “dreamin’ and schemin’.”

February 2007
A special note for Robert Ruark fans, and more about Grampa Joe and February Figurin'.

January 2007
Happy New Year! Jim shares what he's working on, some fond memories, and tons of great recipes.

December 2006

Jim takes a nostalgic look at Christmases past and shares some of his favorite holiday recipes.

November 2006, Special Edition

Check out Jim's suggestions for books to give as holiday gifts. After all, they are a gift that keeps on giving each time the recipient turns to their pages.

November 2006

Jim strays into the minefield of politics and states  unequivocally that he thinks it is incumbent on all of us to vote our sport. Additionally, he offers several suggestions of how the committed, ethical sportsman can do his part to promote the sport.

October 2006

There's no month that matches October! Jim shares some stories and grand ideas for fine fare and fixin’s for the October table.

September 2006

The Enduring Delights of Dove Hunting ... Doves make wonderful eating, although as is the case with so much game, proper dressing and cooking loom mighty large indeed. Jim's September news includes a few suggestions, all of which come from our two most recent cookbooks, Wild fare & Wise Words and Field to Feast: The Remington Cookbook.

August 2006

Dog Day Doings with Grandpa included some good eatin' thanks to Grandma Minnie's cooking!

July 2006

Don't miss out on Jim' picks for "The Greatest Trout Streams in the Smokies: North Carolina."

June 2006

In Jim's June newsletter, he shares some Remington memories and several of the recipes from Field to Feast: The Remington Cookbook.

May 2006

Jim presents a tribute to his Mom, followed by a sampling of her favorite recipes.

April 2006

Rambling Ruminations on the Misery, Magic, Mystique, and Enduring Mystery of Turkey Hunting.

March 2006

Jim discusses the virtues of versatile turkey calling the pros and cons of various types of calls. He also offers up several delectable recipes from a Remington cookbook coming out soon.

February 2006

Wintertime Armchair Adventures with Robert Ruark, Havilah Babcock and Archibald Rutledge.

January 2006

You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Read Jim's "Musings on Miseries, Mollygrubs Cabin Fever, the New Year, and More." One of the best ways to remember the past and plot the future is over a bowl of steaming hot soup or a hearty serving of stew, and some recipes offering such fare are available in this newsletter.

November 2005

Read about Jim's earliest hunting recollections that include Duxbak memories. Also included this month are some delicious recipes from a cookbook that will go to press shortly,  Field to Feast: The Remington Cookbook.

October 2005

Jim's "Ode to October" is sure to stir your ancient instincts, and a number of recipes will make your mouth water.

July 2005

Read a liberal excerpt from the general Introduction to Wild Fare & Wise Words, along with a sampling of fish recipes.

June 2005

As we approach summer, the time when I saw the most of one of the stellar figures of my youth, it seems appropriate to share some memories of this warm, wonderful woman I knew only as "Aunt Mag."

May 2005

With May being the month when we celebrate Mother’s Day, Jim shares some thoughts on where they fit in the outdoor world.

March 2005

Jim writes about "March Madness for the Outdoorsman" and shares recipes for squirrel and duck.

February 2005

Jim offers up a column on "Nature's Bounty" and shares a couple of special recipes.

January 2005

Do you get cabin fever this time of year?  Jim offers some constructive ideas so you can enjoy January!

November/December 2004

Read about Jim's "Holiday Sporting Memories," and you'll likely conjure up a few of your own.

October 2004

Jim reminisces about "The Vanishing Joys of Hunting Squirrels" and offers up one of his mother's favorite ways to prepare this delectable game animal.

September 2004

Jim offers some recipes for doves and deer sure to tickle your palate. The dove recipe comes from Wild Bounty and the venison one from The Ultimate Venison Cookbook (just released).

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